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of los angeles police department who's involved in this. chief charlie -- >> briefly, i want to commend the men and women of the response of this incident. we have created a unified command with los angeles police department, tsa, fbi and other agencies. we will treat this incident with the unified command. many, many details as you are interested, will not be given out at this point. we will not speak about the nature of injuries. we will not speak about the identity of the suspects. the investigation is being handled by the fbi. with the cooperation of the los angeles police department. again, you know, tremendous unified response. i know that this region worries about its airport because of the complex issues involved with various jurisdictions, was handled very well today. >> next hear from fbi special agent in charge, special agent -- talk a little bit about the investigation. >>. >> special agent in charge of the fbi. first off, we're working hand in hand with our partners here to include the los angeles, the l.a. airport police with respect to this investigation. this investigati
. first, a tacloban, an island city in eastern philippines, more than 7,000 miles west of los angeles. this was a thriving port community filled with tightly-packed buildings and thick trees. now the buildings are shards of plastic and metal ask the trees blown flag to the ground. a cargo ship on the ground. now, to an eastern town with large fishing community. it's on a small peninsula that was no match for the storm's deadly surge. we have satellite picture of this seaside neighborhood. the coast, lined with docks and small boats, and look now. the typhoon tore the docks apart, board by board. the boats now upside-down in the water, just about every home is missing its roof. we're live now in manila. tell it what you have seen. actually, we just -- the connections are very difficult, and i just got word we lost that connection. we'll work to get it back in just a moment. here's just a few ways you can help with this devastation. the unites nations world food program will send more than 40-tons of energy bars and will work with the philippine government to help with emergency managem
think that maybe los angeles, the one spot on thanksgiving with some clouds and little bit of rain. but the rest of the country is going to be looking just fine. >> god love them but they deserve it, all that sunshine. >> real quickly people want to know what this looks like on the flip side. everybody has gotten to grandma's house. what happens when they try to leave on the weekend? how are things looking? >> for the most part looking real good. storm that moves into the pacific northwest. it's going to be a powerful storm. a lot of rain, a lot of snow. so anywhere from around montana through parts of wyoming that storm mentioning storm watching next week that's going to travel all across the entire country again. >> y this the preamble to winter. we are there, rick. >> it feels like winter to be honest with you. >> heed your warnings today and rick lesson that you's as well and be careful when they are on the roads and be patient when the air. >> you bet. >> when navy seals raided usama bin laden's compound in pakistan and killed the leader they made off with all kinds of documen
. milchan says it it was hard to overcome his image. we're live in los angeles, william, how did he get involved in all of this? >> he was recruited as a spy to help set up the country's nuclear program. but he also loved film, so what a great cover story. he could travel the world, scouting locations, looking for investors and contracts. he is anni israeli jew that cam to america and produced bill films. at the same time he was helping obtain materials for nuclear testing in south africa, and the commissions he made made him rich. a double life for which he has no apologies. >> translator: i should have said [ bleep ] you know what? i did it for my country and i'm proud of it. >> forbes says that milchan who was married to a model and now a tennis pro, he is worth about $4 billion. john? >> how is all of this going down in israel? >> his name first surfaced about two years ago in a book. so only last night really did the general public kind of learn about this whole thing. apparently some in hollywood like robert deniro expected it. they say he was instrumental, he should be honored as
. thanks very much. >>> the system of friday's shooting at los angeles international airport is still under heavy sedation after cops shot him four times including once in the mouth. the fbi is still working to figure out why this unemployed motorcycle mechanic targeted the transportation security administration. the feds say the suspect, this guy, paul ciancia shot and killed a tsa officer at the security checkpoint there at terminal 3 at l.a.x. they say he then fired on -- fbi officials say that the suspect carried a handwritten note which state he wanted to kill tsa officers and instill fear in their, quote, traitorous minds. one law enforcement official tells the ap that he also wrote that he was a, quote, patriot who was upset with janet napolitano. charges could get him the death penalty. >>> we're now hearing from a pregnant army wife who cops say was video chatting with her husband when a man began stabbing and beating her in her home. this began last week in el paso. we now have a video of her in the hospital. her husband was serving in southeast asia at the time of that attack. po
in all of north america. mexico city, new york, los angeles, and the home of the crack-smokearch toronto. 15% of canada's entire population lives there. john roberts, i'm wondering if we're going to get an announcement from the mayor of toronto. >> reporter: it's where i grew up so this is of particular interest to me. the mayor is about to come out of his chambers. we're hearing he could do one of three things. he could resign. may take a leave of absence until the new year, or he could, because he is such a mercurial character, come out at the last minute and say, i'm going to stay and fight this. it's not a surprise to anyone that he actually smoked crack cocaine. what is really a surprise he acknowledged it. you might remember in spring the toronto star said they had seen the video that showed pictures, images, of the mayor smoking crack. he denied it. what this other case is about that led to disclosure or of -- of this tape, map tried to retrieve the video. chargeed with extortion, and may have tried to get rid of the video. can the mayor survive this? people like his low-tax polic
in big cities, including new york and los angeles. the feds say that should lower ticket prices. analysts expected the airlines to combine their frequent flier programs and honor each other's miles. >>> now to the story we have been following closely because it involves one of our own. for me as a journalist it involves the fundamentals of all we do and the government trying to get around the constitution. foxnews.com reporter jana winter is in front of new york's highest court, could face jail time for refusing to give up the names of confidential sources in her recording on the james holmes case, accused of killing people in a shooting in a packed athleter in aurora, colorado. that same month, jana winters, said holme mailed a personal note book to a skies before the mass shooting and it had drawings of, quote, gun-wielding stick figures blowing away other stick figures, unquote. in her story, jana cite two unnamed law enforcement sources. now a court in colorado issued a subpoena at the request of holele holmes lawyers they want winter to return to colorado and name the sources or pote
gallagher with the later on this in los angeles. do we know how bad this is, trace? >> reporter: we don't yet, shep, because she's getting an mri. she was taken off the mountain on a sled some was carried to a vehicle. the race you mentioned she is training for is the world cup, which she has won four different times. this happened at copper mountain. he ski team coach says, i'm quoting, we have no reason to believe it's anything significant right now. but she is undergoing an mri, and no word if it's the left or right knee in february she blew the acl and mcl on her right knee and also broke her lower leg, she is getting ready for the olympic games which begin in sochi in february. this is not going to help that. no word how significant the injury is. as soon as we get more information we'll bring it to you. >> thanks. george zimmerman back inside a florida courtroom after a pair of dueling 9-1-1 calls with his girlfriend. george zimmerman, of course, the one-time murder suspect, now faces assault and battery charges. he was a murder suspect about is certainly a killer. he killed trayv
in los angeles. >> gives people an idea if they want to help the foundation out and also own this, -- they want me to point to marilyn. >> right here. she actually looks like several other people in that row. 800 does this could go for. people could have this. >> we have very expensive items but we have a lot of affordable things. these are laurel and hardy bowler hats. this is a -- >> can i put this on? you probably don't want me to. >> i prefer not. >> i could tell you didn't. so people buy these as a pair? >> this is a pair, we're offering them together. $15,000 to $20,000 for these. >> people love to collect these manuscripts because they have director and producer hand writing on them. >> this is a very early draft of a script for the wizard of oz. this is by a writer named noel langley. he came up with the idea first that the people in kansas should mirror the people in oz. is this a spoiler? >> i lived in kansas so i belt i know every inch of this. >> and the guy that came witch the idea the slippers should be ruby. >> one last thing. >> this is a drum majorette jacket worn
. aconcagua. if he makes it, he'll be the youngest to scale the andean peak. tyler live with us from los angeles. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. >> how old were you when you started climbing mountains? >> i was 7 years old when i first started climbing mountains. >> and is it fun, is that why you do it? >> it's fun. and i like reaching new heights. >> you love reaching new heights. did you start out with the biggest mountain you could find or did you work your way up? >> i worked my way up. >> did you take lessons? did mom and dad teach you how to do this? how did you learn all about it? >> well, my dad takes me out and did some little hikes. and then we just got bigger as the time went by. >> i know you're not just doing this for fun. and i know that you climb the highest, tallest mountain in the western hels hemisphere as your goal. you're raising funding for research called duchesne, a type of muscular dystrophy. why are you so dedicated to helping with this disease? >> i want to help them so much because i can walk but they can't. it's kind of like, i'm using my muscles f
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10